Super Bloomers! : Creating dynamic connections between people and nature with Madame Beespeaker and Friends

Join our team as we explore, make, and grow through the seasons in actions inspired by the Renfrew Ravine beside the Renfrew Park Community Centre. We’ll be hosting picnics, pop-up pollinator gardens, ravine walks, and hands-on art-making with natural materials. We’ll help each other bloom and grow through inclusive, supportive, fun and engaging activities. Our aim is to create a web of deep connections among people and plants that make the neighborhood resilient and beautiful. Consider our residency a collective love-letter to the Renfrew Ravine: its ferns, flowers, bees, butterflies, birds, frogs, fungi and more! Our motto is “be brave, be kind, be green!” Our team is Madame Beespeaker (Lori Weidenhammer), Crystal Lee, Wendy Oberlander, Catherine Shapiro, Lori Snyder, Anya Chase, Jasna Guy, Heather Talbot, Julia Thiessen, and Brenna Maag.

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