Cozy Crafternoons at Renfrew Park Community Centre

 Happy Ground Hog Day!!!!!!! It's that time of the year when we wonder how long it is until the flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing again. This is a great time to hunker down and get some of that winter mending done--whether it's a broken heart or a moth-ravaged sweater.

Have you caught the scent of sweet box blooming now? Have you seen the first snow drops, witch hazel blossoms, and hazelnut catkins? Challenge yourself to get outside and catch sight of those first crocus buds. Spring is on its way!!!!

I've really enjoyed meeting the folks who come to the Thursday craft circle at the Renfrew Park Community Centre. Jennifer is a creative and skilled craftsperson who can look at a complicated item an whip up a pattern so we can make it too.

Here's a fun hand-sewn coaster you can make out of squares of cotton. Jennifer's got a knack for recycling used clothing and turning them into useful items like coasters and handkerchiefs. These are great for those people aspiring to the zero waste lifelstyle.

 Here's how the clever coaster hugs the stem of your wine glass. (The parfait glass is just for show.)

Craft club members can bring in items they made or bought if they want to try to try to make something similar. I love this cute ladybug finger puppet! There are still spaces available for people to sign up for the craft club Thursdays from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Bring a craft and share your skillz, or just sign up and drop in!

 After craft club I'll be working every Thursday afternoon with the teen leadership committee. These students are really busy making things happen in their community. It's really inspiring to hang out with them.

We're working on a Valentine's project for local seniors.

We're recycling felted wool used clothing people can use to patch up holes in their favorite sweaters.

We're packaging up seeds for the bees and getting ready for the seed swap in March. Do you have a sweater that needs mending? I'll be doing a drop-in mending station on Sunday from 2-4 pm at the Renfrew Park Community Centre. Let's give your sweaters some TLC!

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