Seedy Tuesday at Renfrew Park Community Centre

Well it's certainly clear there are some passionate gardeners in the Renfrew Park community. Y'all went wild for seeds at the annual seed swap!

Bergamot and peppermint--both are great plants for bees!!! Many thanks to West Coast Seeds for their generous seed donation. These have all gone to good homes.

Some seeds were free some were available for a small donation or by trading seeds.

We'd all LOVE to know what species of gourd this is. Does anyone know?

Borage is soooo good for bees that I call it "bee porridge"! The blue star-shaped flowers are edible and you can make a calming tea with the leaves.

More future bee food! I brought some fennel seeds from my garden--beeloved by ladybugs and teeny tiny species of bees.

There's a ton of great gardening books for everyone at the Renfrew Public Library. And don't forget to come to my talk at the library Sunday, April 1st (1:30 pm) and learn all about gardening for bumblebees. I've just taken an intensive bumblebee course, and I'm excited to share my new knowledge! And I'll bring some more seeds OF COURSE!

Another mystery: Some lovely looking green beans, but the package is in Italian!

Thanks to everyone who came out and good luck with your gardens!

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