Happy Canada Day from Renfrew Park Community Centre

So great to have the opportunity to dress up and bee silly with fellow Super Bloomer Crystal Lee!

We were so lucky to have breezy blue skies for this fabulous youth-driven event.

The entertainment was all provided by the local community--lots of colour and dancing!

Crystal and I think this furry dragon would make an excellent pollinator!

The emphasis of the event was on being active and working as a group to make communities strong.

We provided pollinator costumes for people to dress up and follow our silly safari to the blackberry patch where we watched the bees at work and talked about the relationship of the bees to the flowers and the berries. We also saw ladybugs. One landed on a parent's arm. This is a sign of good luck!

We also saw this cool robber fly--a bee mimic. Can you see what it's having for a Canada Day snack? (Hint: there's a bug that's not having such good luck.)

Maybe this dragon is related to the robber fly?! Carlotta the Cuckoo Bumblebee makes a new friend.

 More colour!!!

More maple leaves!

More snacks!

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this event such a success!!!

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