From Our Home to Yours: An invitation to Participate in a Letter-Writing Project

There are so many wonderful things happening in the Ravine and outside the Renfrew Park Community Centre. The bees are buzzing in the blooms!

We'd like to take this chance to participate in a letter-writing project with artist Wendy Oberlander called From Our Home to Yours.

How does it work?

First, you write a letter--not an e-mail, but a hand-written letter to someone you've been meaning to communicate with lately. What do you write about? Anything you like, keeping in mind as part of this process it will be shared with another person. Why not include some notes about what's in bloom right now?

After you've written the letter, bring it in on  Friday May 25th @1 pm in Room 110 and we will swap letters with another person.

You will read and illustrate each other's letters. It's so much fun!

We've got all the materials, including the envelopes. One you've got the letter addressed and sealed, we'll mail it off for you!

Here's the full blurb for more information:

Letters: from our home to yours

You are invited to write a letter that you would like to send off to a family member or friend - someone who lives close by, or someone who lives far away.

This letter does not need to be long - just a friendly ‘hello’ that shares news of your day-to- day life, or maybe news of a special birthday or holiday. We would be happy to have letters of less than 10 sentences.
Please bring your letter written on paper, or printed on paper from a computer, to Renfrew Community Centre on Friday, May 4 or Friday, May 25. We will meet after the Community meal in Room 110. If you wish to email a copy of the letter, please send it to
When you bring your letter, other community members will also have their letters. We will exchange letters with others for each person to illustrate. Paper, paint, pencils, envelopes and stamps will be available. You have the chance to create a unique letter that will be a great delight for a special someone! Please bring the address so we can send the letter off!
Don’t worry if drawing or painting are new to you - just bring a curiosity to see how you can make words come alive on a page!
Bring your friends and family - young and old are welcome!
If you are not able to come to either Friday lunch, and you really want to participate as a letter writer or a letter artist, please talk to Lori or write an email to We will make it possible for you to join us at another time.
We hope to see you! Friday, May 4 and Friday, May 25 @ 1 PM in Room 110

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