Plant and Bee Feature: Andrena Mining Bee on Thimbleberry

It's that time of the year when the Nootka roses and thimbleberries are blooming, which means these dark velvety Andrena mining bees emerge from the ground and start swimming in stamens!

There is a suite of pollinators that visit thimbleberry blooms, all playing a role in the survival of this native shrub. How many different kinds of bees can you find in these blossoms?

As you can see here, the back legs of the bee are covered with dense branched hairs (setae) which are perfect for collecting the golden yellow pollen.

The blossoms have a subtly crinkly texture.

Take a moment to visit these bees in the shrub behind the community centre, near the playground.

Take the time to wish the bees well, and to thank them for their fabulous work. Soon the little red berries will grace these bushes because of the bees and their friends.

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